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club fitness faq's

membership's at club fitness 

I have a direct debit membership, how do I stop my payment's?

Providing your contracted membership term has passed then stopping your debits are easy and you will not be liable to pay cancellation. You are required to give 10 days notice to the Club or Debitsuccess. has been . Suspension forms can be downloaded by clicking here or contact us

I will be away, how do I suspend my membership?

Memberships can be suspended for a time period, there is a cost of $15.00 to do this. You need to visit the Club and fill out a simple form or download a form and bring it into the Club before you leave to activate a membership suspension. If you have a direct debit membership your payments will continue during your suspension and suspended time will added to the end of your membership term. Suspension forms can be downloaded by clicking here or contact us

Can someone else use my membership?

No, unless you decide to transfer your membership to another person which attracts a fee of $35.00. You need to come into the Club to fill in a simple form. Transfer forms can be downloaded by clicking here or contact us

Who collects my direct debit membership payment's?

We use a company called Debitsuccess

How do I contact Debitsuccess?

They can be contacted during business hours by phone on 0800-481-0400 or e-mail customerservice or online debit success

Do I have to re-join every time my membership expires?

Yes, once your membership term has expired you are no longer a member unless you have chosen to roll-over your payment contract when you originally joined. To rejoin online visit our online store

Can I cancel my membership?

Memberships can be cancelled at any time once you are out of your minimum term. If you wish to cancel you membership but are still in your minimum term then you have a couple of options, either pay a cancellation fee of $150.00 or you can transfer your contract to another person. You can contact debit success on 0800-481-0400.

 joining club fitness 

Can I try the Club before joining?

Yes, non members can come along for single workout sessions $12.00 for casuals and $7.00 for students with ID.

10 Visit concession cards are also available, perfect for trying out the gym or for short-term visitors to Wanganui. We also have discounted membership prices for students and senior citizens.

How old do I have to be before joining?

The minimum joining age at Club Fitness is 16 years old. We do make allowances for younger children in special circumstances.

I have never been to a Health Club before and don’t know how to use any equipment.

That is no problem at all, we understand that everyone has to start somewhere. At Club Fitness all of our membership plans include an assessment with one of our personal trainers. Once discussing your goals they will formulate an exercise routine specifically for you and they will then have two to four 30 minute sessions to guide you through your workout and also to advise you on the correct technique and weight range for each exercise.

What nutritional information do I get as a member of Club Fitness?

We provide calorie based nutritional plans for weight loss(1400 cal to 3750 cal) or weight gain(2000 cal to 6000 cal), these plans are available in the members download part of our website. You can also use the meal planner part of PThub for your meal plans and tracking. We have a qualified nutritionist on staff who can provide completely personalized nutrition plans. This is an extra cost to you and is not included in your membership.

general topic's at club fitness 

What are the busy hours at Club Fitness?

Typically we have the most patronage between 3.30pm and 6.30pm each day however even during these hours we have more than enough equipment to keep each member happy. 

What clothing and footwear should I wear when I train?

We advise comfortable sports clothing and that you wear sports shoes. Barefoot or open toe footwear is not allowed.

How do I book appointments?

You can book appointments online by clicking here, by calling us on 063484009 or at the club directly.

Do i get a Personal Trainer with my membership?
All off our fitness consultants are also qualified personal trainers.

pricing for club fitness 

I joined on a special offer, can I rejoin for the same price?

If that offer is still available you can, or you can select one of the special offers that are available at the time. We can't guarantee that the same offer will be available. 

Do you do bulk prices or family packages?

We can discuss options for multiple family members joining at the same time. We can also set up corporate rates for businesses who wish to encourage the health and wellbeing of their staff. 

Can I still attend Group Fitness classes if I am not a member?

Yes, we encourage non-members to come and give the group classes a go. A timetable of these can be found on our Group Fitness page, costs vary between the classes and more information can be found with the timetables.